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Finding cheap car insurance is only the first step »

It may be easy to find cheap car insurance but it is not always wise to buy on the basis of price. You want your cheap car insurance to be good value for money

Everything About Cheap Car Insurance

About Cheap Car Insurance Cheap car insurance for teens and young adults »

Finding cheap car insurance for teens and young adults is challenging but it can be done. Get car insurance quotes from as many insurers as possible

Finding Specialty Cheap Car Insurance »

Look for an insurer specializing in specialty cars. Although you will occasionally find cheap car insurance from large insurers, small companies usually offer the lowest car insurance rates

Finding cheap car insurance for family cars »

When buying a new or replacement vehicle for your family, here are a few ideas on how to find affordable if not cheap car insurance. Buy safety for the lowest car insurance quotes

Cheap car insurance when you buy on credit »

If you decide to buy on credit rather than lease, can you find cheap car insurance? If not, what can you do to find lower car insurance rates?


Finding cheap car insurance is only the first step

There is an old saying, “A fool and his money are easily separated. The only mystery is where the fool got the money.” The difficulty you all face in these difficult economic times is finding the best possible deals for all the basic household necessities. Note this is not finding the cheapest products and services. There is a reason why goods and services are cheap. You only get what you pay for. So unless you have absolutely no choice, buying solely on the basis of price is a fool’s game.

Insurance companies make their money by pulling in your money and then making it as difficult as possible for you to get any of it back again. Only when you buy a Rolls Royce policy do you find no problems when you come to make a claim, i.e. the vast majority of policyholders find their right to claim limited by a range of terms and conditions. The need is to identify the policies giving the most generous cover for the lowest possible premium rate. This means spending time going through the car insurance quotes with a fine toothcomb. If there is anything you find difficult to understand, you should contact the insurer and ask for clarification. Before you part with your money, insurers tend to be helpful. In this way you can find out not only what limitations and exclusions apply, but also whether you are eligible for discounts.

Quite often the car insurance quotes you receive are the opening pitch, i.e. they do not offer you the best possible terms. These quotes are a form of test for the unwary. If you do not challenge them or ask whether there are discounts, you get no additional reduction in the car insurance rates. This is not to say you can negotiate or bargain with big insurers. Do not get your hopes up. But if you have not asked whether you will get a discount for fitting additional security measures to make your car more difficult to steal, how can you earn that discount?

You have to invest the time to shop around. If you do your basic research and know roughly what the average premium rate is for your make and model of car, this is where you start from. The more discounts you can get, the more cheap the cheap car insurance rates.


Cheap car insurance — how to find affordable coverage »


In a recent survey using a standardized profile in all the states of the union, the car insurance rates for the same driver were found to differ by more than $1,000. This is not just a simple matter of insurers having different models for estimating risk. It reflects a real difference between states and the conditions on the roads. Ignoring local differences, here are some simple tips for finding discounts and thereby buying cheap car insurance.

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Cheap car insurance starts with make and model »

So look up the results of the crash tests run by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Check out the performance of the makes and models you are interested in buying. As you might expect, the safest vehicles tend to have the cheap car insurance rates. However that is not the end of the story. If you are proposing to buy comprehensive cover, look carefully at the statistics of vehicle thefts. The number of cars stolen varies quite significantly depending on where you live‚ remembering the ZIP code is a big factor in deciding the rate you will pay.

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